Children Care

We provide a full range of classes for infants and toddlers up to 5 years old and we support all day schooling until 19:30pm.

Friendly Place

All the members of our staff act under the same umbrella: the love for what we do. Every day we try making the children feel “at home”!

Active Learning

We believe that learning is an experiential process, where children actually engage in creative activities and develop all their skills.

All Day Care

We are here to make children happy and help working parents.

Creative Work

Together we play, paint, sing, cook and play theatrical games!

Experienced Staff

We work with the best, making sure your child receives the best!

Embracing Diversity

Every child is different and we believe that beauty lies right there.

Our Curriculum

We believe that creative work offers great stimuli for the children to develop skills and strengthen their capabilities.

Learn through Play

We play creative games to get the children motivated and excited.


The very first attempts to create something from scratch!


Children have the time to put their imagination on paper!


A group activity, in which children experiment with music.


Children get their hands “dirty” and produce delicious dishes!

Theatrical Games

The best way to source creativity and let children improvise.

Our Classes


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