Welcome to Eksipno Mpaloni

With lots of love, joy and personal effort, Eksypno Mpaloni was built and started operating in October 2016. Our main focus is for the kindergarten to work as a core educational system for the attending children.
From the construction to the learning material, our stuff are carefully selected, insured, certified and in accordance with the new laws and operating rules of kindergartens in Cyprus, complying with European standards.


Our new and modern equipment (beds, mattresses, chairs, games, educational material etc.) is one of the many advantages of the school. The kindergarten operates under the European regulatory system, according to the corresponding age group. All floors, both on the inside and exterior area of the school, are protective, safety floors.


The building offers high energy efficiency and the glasses are double, designed not to crumble. There are alarm systems, surveillance cameras (for safety reasons) throughout the facility, air-conditioning and heating in all areas.


The school has four bright, spacious, functional and extra modern classrooms, which include brand new toys, totally safe. All classrooms are equipped with teaching material and the items are put in a way to avoid hazardous spaces.


Bathrooms facilities are provided, both for the children, staff members and people with disabilities. There is also a kitchen for meal preparation, changing room and management office.


At the external area, there are plenty of multifunctional, educational games, specially designed by experts in children development. They are very sturdy constructions, ensuring full safety. The area is surrounded by trees, which provide coolness and a sense of relaxation and calmness for the children.


It will be a pleasure to meet you and make a tour to our school together!!!

Our Goal

Our main focus lies in providing an environment where children have all the opportunities and foundation to a happy, smooth integration into the big society, which is life.
The goal of Eksypno Mpaloni is to offer education and care to all children attending the school, serving as a big hug! Our staff members are carefully selected so we have the best in our side. We provide safe guardiancy, a healthy and rich meal plan, a clean environment, joyful games and most importantly… true love. The very essence of life, the basic soul supply!

My personal care, along with the staff, cooperating with you, will make children feel comfortable, safe and “warm”, as in an intimate environment. Our work is directed into making children feel happy and unique, just like if you were there!

Join Us!

Nothing is more important than your child’s well-being.


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